Curling your hair 101

I got this idea to curl my hair while driving today. I was only going to have a short haircut but I wanted to have a change. I calculated how much I can afford and whether this is a good time invest in it. I do not have a lot of cash right now and this probably is not the best investment ever. However if this helps me refocus on my life and my pending life change, hell yeah I will break my bank. A few thoughts and reflections from my visit to the saloon today.

Rule 1: Budget enough time for the visit if you want to curl. When the saloon staff says 2.5 hours, multiply that with two. It would take more or less 5 hours. This leads to Rule 2.

Rule 2: Eat before you go. It can take half a day so make sure you have your breakfast, lunch or dinner and not get hungry during the whole ordeal. Of course, if you could order food and the salon gives you some food, that's good but it is better to be prepared.

Rule 3: Ask for a discount. Whether they have sales at the moment when you visit or not, it does not hurt to ask. I pretended that I was nonchalant about curls so the staff started selling me and giving me discount offer.

Rule 4: Clearly communicate your needs and expectations. I want medium curls so that I do not end up with noodle looking curls. If I want big waves, say so. Show the picture of your expected result. That would give them a rough idea and will be a helpful reference if you want to complain after it is all done.

Rule 5: Bring a book or charge your phone. It will take a lot of time and you do not want to sit there bored as fuck. Devise a plan to make the best use of your time for that 5 or 6 hours chuck of time unless you want to spend the time doing nothing of course. From time to time, you can have a conversation with your stylist.

Rule 6: Make sure your stylist and helpers are competent and supportive. You don't want to get your ears and neck and your head burn from all these heaters. Your bare head skin can be overheated and get burned. It's only 3 min heat, 5 min rest, repeated for like 5 times. When it burns, it feels like hell because you cannot get away from it easily because your hair is all connected to these electric heads. Digital perm right? Even if you turn it off quickly, you will still suffer so raise the issue with your stylist before it gets to the point of unbearable. Above all, choose the salon and stylist who knows what he/she is doing and is willing to help you as much as possible.

Rule 7: Ask about the aftercare. How many days should I avoid my hair from getting wet? How should I style my hair? What products should I use? Etc.

Overall, I am quite happy about my hairdo today. The stylist prepped my hair with steps so after the curl, my hair does not look like a balloon out of control. Let's see how long it last. It costs me 48,300 MMK as I chose Korean product over Chinese.

10 pm, May 31, 2021

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