Rodrigo Duterte

Brief background

The son of the Chief Minister, he pretty much grew up on his own. He was a bad, spoiled boy. Parents didn't have time for him. He hanged with guards/police when young, mostly out on the street, got expelled from the school, learnt about discipline from some influential guy (family friend), failed in exams. He studies law so he's educated. He likes guns, control, and women.

What I like about him

- Straight-talk (His jokes are inappropriate and there is no consideration for diplomacy.)

- Walk the talk, deliver promise (He is not manipulative, he promised his people what he would do and he delivered. You get what you vote for.)

- He has the best intention for his citizens. (A lot of improvement - economics, welfare, drug rehabilitation centers, etc.)

- Fights corruption (even he said he would kill his children)

- Give high-ranking positions to women (respect for educated women)

- Don't give a damn attitude with foreign influence

What I don't like about him

- Killing spree (He could have handled it more humane, this is not the savage time.)

- Trash talk re: women (no ovary, no value of women!)

Where I stand with him

Yes, I like him for all the reasons listed above.

The welfare of 10 million people outweighs the sacrifice of 1700 lives.

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